Hi everyone, Tim Rozmajzl here to tell you about our new podcast called Uncommonly Libertarian. There are three of us involved in this pursuit - myself, Glenn and James, all libertarians from Ohio who have been meeting over drinks for the last several months to share ideas, talk about books and articles we’re reading and generally gripe about how awful the state is.

Two of us are Catholic. Two of us are Anarcho-Capitalists, and the third is well on his way. Between the three of us, we have fourteen kids.

In addition to libertarianism, we also share a common interest in the elegant and undeniably compelling Austrian School of Economics. Check out mises.org for an unbelievably rich collection of free articles and books on the topic.

From the start we’ve shared a bit of an activist streak - at least in our rhetoric - and doing something like a podcast has been a regular topic of conversation. Well, after about 6 months of griping, we finally got tired of saying “you know, we should really do a podcast” and … so… we’re doing a podcast.

There are some really great libertarian shows out there already, so what is it about ours that we hope is distinctive?

A common theme of our conversations was the frustration over the fact that so many people couldn’t get behind a philosophy that boils down essentially to “don’t beat people up and don’t take their stuff.”

We also thought that the cartoonish, kindergarten-level stereotype of libertarians as licentious, atomistic, hyper-individualistic, selfish, white males who care nothing about their fellow man needed to be smashed.

Our goal is to make a personal connection to people from all walks of life by having real, live libertarians from a variety of backgrounds, share their personal journeys to libertarianism - their philosophical starting points, what kind of family they grew up in, how they started down the path to libertarianism, who influenced them, and what struggles they encountered along the way - both intellectual struggles and in their personal relationships as they revealed their wacky new ideas.

Hopefully, you can find someone on the show with whom you or your skeptical friend or family member can relate.

Our format is of course an interview format, and we hope to keep the episodes to about 30 minutes give or take. For now, the episodes will come out weekly. If we ever become proficient at doing this in our spare time, we’ll increase the frequency.

Check in here for show notes from the latest episodes and the occasional article.

Thanks for listening, and please subscribe over at iTunes or Stitcher.