Ep. 4 - Dr. Michael Edelstein

Who is the "Rothbard" of Clinical Psychology

We have an open and delightful conversation with clinical psychologist, Dr. Michael Edelstein. We discussed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and contrasted it with more mainstream approaches. Dr. Edelstein talks about the impact of special interests on the practice of clinical psychology and how conversations with his fellow (non-libertarian) psychologists... [Read More]
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Ep. 2 Walter Block

Walter's path to libertarianism

We spend a delightful half-hour with the great Walter Block as he relates his path to libertarianism including encounters with Ayn Rand and his special association with Murray Rothbard. Walter also talks about some of the unsettled topics that libertarians still need to work through. [Read More]
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Ep. 1 - Chloe Anagnos

Tanning Tax Creates a Libertarian

Chloe Anagnos, Publications Manager at The American Institute for Economic Research reveals that it was a trip to the tanning salon that nudged her towards libertarianism. We talked about her Greek Orthodox upbringing and her commitment to ending the opioid epidemic - and the so-called war on drugs. Chloe shared... [Read More]
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